Contemporary NFT Artist Rulton Fyder and the “ReArt” Movement

Rulton Fyder, Everything is Purged From This NFT, 2021

In the past week, as we are witnessing the continuous rising of Beeple’s Christie’s auction price (our estimate of the final hammer can be seen in our newsletter, which said it would be above $15M and have a final bidding frenzy on the last day of the auction but premium must be paid in fiat currency will limit mega crypto whales to jump in too high) our editors are also on the lookouts for interesting artworks on various NFT platforms such as Rarible, OpenSea, SuperRare, Foundation, and Zora. Through the process, we discovered an artist called Rulton Fyder. The works are quite interesting.

Fyder’s works have a sense of familiarity and closeness to contemporary art audiences due to the fact that they initially look as if appropriated from known significant works in the contemporary art world. However, if one takes a closer look, one will realize that the work concept is completely different, the artist has added new conceptual layers and imageries in the NFT realm to create completely new works that document and archive our current society and times while having the artist’s self-inquisitive journey in the rapidly advancing digital age, characterized by the endless circulation, reshuffling, remixing and exchanging of ideas.

Rulton Fyder, Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell NFT, 2021
Rulton Fyder, Untitled (When I hear the word crypto I take out my hard wallet), 2021
Rulton Fyder, Prima Facie (Third State): Late, 2021

Through Fyder’s artistic exploration, he has engaged in dialogues with works from his contemporaries and past phenomenal artists who have left marks in the history of conceptual art — Barbara Kruger, John Baldessari, Richard Prince, Christopher Wool, and others. Fyder creates works that incorporated found artworks and images from the past and present significant events; structuring works around spontaneous relationships between elements and through the work leave ample hints for the viewers to decipher the artist’s intentions.

Rulton Fyder, BTC, 2021

By applying his profound understanding of the complexity and intricacy in the history of conceptual art, Fyder’s works are of a distinctive artistic lens filled with echoes of other masters’ lenses yet through the sharp and acute commentary on the present societal and technological phenomenon, that is undeniably his own.

Fyder’s works at first seem like in lineage of the great artists before him, but if we think about the fact that many contemporary artists such as Prince, Kruger, and Baldessari was contemporary because they were making acute societal commentaries and works that capture a part of our societal problems or blessings, however at the current rapid advancement of blockchain technology and NFT technology and how that may change the art world power structure forever with lifetime royalty for artists, these great artists are nowhere to be seen and not creating works to be contemporary, to be at the very present and very current moment to capture the time which is what makes certain contemporary artworks phenomenal. Fyder senses the gap and the opportunity, and through his ingenuity, he used found images and resources to create works that are completely unique yet with the sense of familiarity to attract the right fine art world crowd to pay attention and to understand NFT as a whole through sharp observation, funny satire, and acute commentary of our present moment.

Rulton Fyder, Post-ICO, 2021
Rulton Fyder, FOMO, 2021
Rulton Fyder, Satoshi, 2021
Rulton Fyder, Lambo, 2021
Rulton Fyder, Untitled (You Yolo in the Liquidity of the Non-Fungible), 2021



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